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  • Octopuses Everywhere!

    The Octopus payment infrastructure is quintessentially Hong Kong, underpinned by speed and efficiency. Adopted in 1997, the now regionally ubiquitous payment system has its origins rooted in providing a fare collection mechanism for Hong Kong’s mass transit system. Over the years, this award-winning technology has spread and woven itself tightly into the fabric of Hong […]

  • How Money Makes Mahjong

    Mahjong is a popular pastime deeply ingrained in Hong Kong society. Although there are many variations, the basic principles of mahjong involve four players drawing and discarding from a pool of tiles in turn to form melds and a pair. The tiles are designed and named after monetary units in ancient China, including coins, strings […]

  • Buying Money with Money

    For most of us, paper money (use the word “paper” hereafter) are nothing more than a medium of exchange. We get it from ATM, then we use it. Usually this is the end of the story. However, money may have different symbolic meanings to a group of money collector. Beyond medium of exchange, paper can […]

  • A Money-driven Kinship?

    This video showcases the conversation between a mother and her newly employed son. She sees the money spent on the child’s trips, clothes, and even university tuition as ‘investment’, with its amount capable of being estimated using the child cost calculator. It is clear that she expects monetary contribution in return for her expenses incurred […]

  • Only a Game? Learning Money Morals Through Monopoly

    In Hong Kong, it is not uncommon for a family or children of several families to play the boardgame Monopoly over holidays such as Christmas and Chinese New Year. Obviously, the game is related to various monetary notions. Furthermore, when we look at playing Monopoly from the viewpoint of teaching and socializing children, the boardgame […]

  • Hong Kong’s Obsession with Rolex (and other Luxury Watches)

    Did you know that Hong Kong, with merely 7 million people, is the largest watch importer in the world? It single-handedly consumes around 20% of all Swiss-made watches! In fact, Hong Kong has been the world’s largest luxury watch market for decades. This may not come off as a surprise, after all Hong Kong’s lavish […]

  • Jumpin’ into a New Currency System of “Jumpin Gym”

    Jumpin’ Gym is a Hong Kong-based entertainment centre, which provides opportunities for people to spend some quality time with family and friends. With the wide spectrum of activities and facilities provided, the options are vast, ranging from teenagers competing with each other over bowling to older folks enjoying the coin-op games. Jumpin’ Gym has played […]

  • Being “Wealthy-not-rich” in Hong Kong

    This advertisement on the side of the road in Central Hong Kong Island reads “Don’t just be rich / be wealthy”. It has a wondrous amount of connotations about money and in particular, having lots of it. At first glance one may be rather shocked or perplexed at this statement. Could they really be saying […]

  • Money for the Dead

    Wandering in the streets of Hong Kong, you may notice a burnt, charcoal-like scent rushing towards your nostrils. You will then look for the source of the smell and soon see some burnt paper contained by a metal pot. What is going on? Is someone committing arson with extra steps? Well, while this is debatable, […]